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Sr. Mary Stephen DM
Education Ministry Councillor

Concerning Nirmala Province, in 19 communities sisters are engaged in spreading the light of the Gospel through education. Nirmala province owns 5 schools. Altogether 23 sisters render their sincere service in 6 different aided schools in Thiruvananthapuram, Parassala, Idukki, Kothamangalam Muvattupuzha dioceses. One of our sisters is a lecture in an aided college in the diocese of Parassala. Another fourteen sisters are working in 13 unaided schools in different dioceses.

  • There is a counselling facility at schools for students and if necessary for parents as well.
  • Along with curricula, there are religion lessons for Christian students and moral classes for others once a week.
  • Through KCSL students are getting spiritual & moral values.
  • Often we arrange an opportunity for students and teachers to attend awareness classes, Christeen retreat & exam preparation retreat which help them to mould their character.
  • We accept a certain number of students in our schools without collecting any money.
  • Special attention is given to those who are weak in studies.
  • Teachers find time to give remedial classes and extra classes.
  • Evening classes at our convent manage by our sisters.