Healing Ministry

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Rev. Sr. Karunya DM
Healing Ministry Councilor

Though Nirmala Province do not have hospitals of their own some of the sisters render dedicated service in the hospitals and old age homes here in our country and foreign countries seeing Christ in every person they service.

         Members of every convent visit the people suffering from illness in their houses and in hospitals and strengthen them by their prayer and consoling words. Special consideration is given to people suffering illness who are destitute. We provide necessary arrangements for them treatment and give financial aid.

We organize medical camps and prolife programmes with the help of medical officers.

         An amount of Rs. 200 per month has given from the Provincial house to a bed ridden patient in each mission stations/parish where our sisters doing the service.

         The sisters who are trained in counselling visit the patient and the aged people in their house and in the hospitals strengthen them with their prayers and kind work.

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