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Sr. Mary Dominic DM
Councilor for Mission

Following the example of the founders, the Daughters of Mary prepare the hearts of the people to accept Jesus as the saviour and establish a dialogue with non-catholic brethren to welcome them into the full communion of the Catholic faith. The Daughters of Mary make an option for the poor and the marginalized, especially for women and children.

The Daughters of Mary gives special emphasis to home visits, parish ministry, faith formation, education, health care and other socio-mission activities in our mission.We help the couples to lead virtuous family life by listening to them and giving guidance. We prepare them for receiving sacraments. Also we give them biographies of couples who are saints.

We have a trained team of five sisters for conducting Christeen retreats in schools and parishes/Mission stations. Also we train young ladies to conduct christen retreats.

Some of our sisters are trained for giving counselling and they go to schools, parishes, retreat centres and other institutions for counselling.

Several of our sisters are members of the Suvisesha Sangam of the Malankara Catholic Church and they participate in the program of the Suvisesha Sangam.